The Poem

Life, Personal

It has been years & we’ve come so far,
Never been weird cause we know what we are.
The summer, the violin, whispers I’d never forget,
You were always on the peak from the ones I ever met.
You’re beautiful as you are with the curves.. I mean curls,
And was always there for me, So was I, when life swirls.
Idealism is us,  there was never a chance,
Away not gone, yet I was never in your dance.
Well, You will be happy, So will I,
I have loved, lost and redefined.




10 minutes to midnight.

It’s just when we discover a stairway to the basement.  “Finally”,  I mumble as we walk down. As my flashlight lights up I see a big room filled with metal shelves. I see dusty papers on the room floor, spiderwebs on the walls.

“So what’s so special about this place?” She questions as I’m trying to familiarize my eyes to the darkness. I forget to answer the question, seeing the Record player in the middle of the room. Walking towards it, my flashlight scans the shelves of the room.

“Vinyl Records!” I cry out in surprise. I walk towards a shelf, find an album of David Bowie and play it in the phonograph.

You alone across the floor
You and me and nothing more..

“This is a treasure!” I’m excited.

Her face looks blank. Although beautiful than ever standing under a moon beam leaking from a broken window of the first level. That golden hair.

David Bowie Still sings.

Give me wings
Give me space…

“You don’t like it here?” I’m confused, Who doesn’t like a whole vinyl collection?

“It’s not just the place Quin.” She ties up her hair while walking halfway up the stairs. I follow her.

“What’s that?” She points at the new construction next to our building, a tower.

“It’s an old watchtower, They are reconstructing it, nothing interesting inside. Just the dirt and dust”,  I tell her. My brain tells me to go back to the basement and explore more vinyls.

These noisy rooms and passion pants
I loved you..

“I’m going up! I’ll see you later Quin.” She opens the door and heads to the watchtower. I see no single star in the night sky.

“But, But It’s a long way up. Aren’t you scared of the heights?” I ask. Why would anyone choose a tower full of dust over a basement full of value?


Heights, I love them.” She runs towards the tower.

Half confused and half hurt, I turn back to the basement to finish where I started. The song is almost ending,

I’ll survive
My naked eyes
I’ll survive..






We were looking at the stars, talking  how horrible our pasts have been.

“Do you believe in God? ” She asked me.

“Never had a chance to. ” I said.

“What do you believe in then? “

“There’s an eternal force that carries our good deeds and bad from life to life, Although having all the elements and putting them all together wouldn’t make another me. This me is the last me, Well, That’s what John Green said”

“I hate John Green!”  She said, pouring mojito in to my glass.

“His stories are too predictable. Girl gets cancer, Guy falls in love, and then the girl dies.”

“That’s what you see in the movie, And that’s nothing like what the book says”  I objected.

“Imagining the future is a kind of nostalgia”, my voice.

“Who said that? “

“John Green”

“Well that’s true though”, She mumbled, breathing out smoke in to the night sky.

“Our lives aren’t the same N,  Your life is screwed up, I screw things up.”


“Here , Live a bit ” ,

She passed me the Cigarette.




I’m lost.

The emptiness in life suddenly hits you and you start wondering what is happening. What  do I want in life? What’s next? You will be this and then what? Dreams, bigger dreams, you keep moving from bottom to the top.  But somewhere in the middle you start wondering what’s the point of all these. And you just wish to fall through. Until you hit somewhere. Go with the flow I guess.

Anyway, Being the cryptic person I am, I’ll just end the post with this.

If this life was “Looking for Alaska”, I’ll be Pudge and you’ll be the perfect resemblance of Alaska Young.

If people were rain, I’d be the drizzle, and you are a hurricane.



It’s a hard life. And there are moments that you realize it. One of those, is now.

Remember those days you dreamed of being away from home? Living a life of your own without any rules around you? Well, I’m living it. But trust me it’s not that easy. It’s funny that the freedom has different interpretations. Freedom can be living according to your own decisions whilst freedom being having no responsibilities and living recklessly. Although the latter will make you a loser.

As delightful as the first one sounds, living according to your own decisions, comes with a hell of responsibilities. It’s like running away with no bride. At least the run away weddings would have a girl to care about you, here there’s none unless you find your own. Anyway what sucks about living alone is that is sucks when you’re sick or when you need help. All of a sudden you wish your family was around when they are thousand miles away.  But you’d still survive, stand by your own. ‘Cause one day you’ll look back and see how much you were ahead of others. How you could stand up alone when others weren’t even thinking of it. You survived, you’re invincible.

Yet there are little things that cheers you up. As I keep reminding, It’s a beautiful world.

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