I’m lost.

The emptiness in life suddenly hits you and you start wondering what is happening. What  do I want in life? What’s next? You will be this and then what? Dreams, bigger dreams, you keep moving from bottom to the top.  But somewhere in the middle you start wondering what’s the point of all these. And you just wish to fall through. Until you hit somewhere. Go with the flow I guess.

Anyway, Being the cryptic person I am, I’ll just end the post with this.

If this life was “Looking for Alaska”, I’ll be Pudge and you’ll be the perfect resemblance of Alaska Young.

If people were rain, I’d be the drizzle, and you are a hurricane.


It’s a hard life. And there are moments that you realize it. One of those, is now.

Remember those days you dreamed of being away from home? Living a life of your own without any rules around you? Well, I’m living it. But trust me it’s not that easy. It’s funny that the freedom has different interpretations. Freedom can be living according to your own decisions whilst freedom being having no responsibilities and living recklessly. Although the latter will make you a loser.

As delightful as the first one sounds, living according to your own decisions, comes with a hell of responsibilities. It’s like running away with no bride. At least the run away weddings would have a girl to care about you, here there’s none unless you find your own. Anyway what sucks about living alone is that is sucks when you’re sick or when you need help. All of a sudden you wish your family was around when they are thousand miles away.  But you’d still survive, stand by your own. ‘Cause one day you’ll look back and see how much you were ahead of others. How you could stand up alone when others weren’t even thinking of it. You survived, you’re invincible.

Yet there are little things that cheers you up. As I keep reminding, It’s a beautiful world.

Okay? Okay. #FaultFanatics

As I got not much to do, and as there’s no harm promoting this amazing movie I thought to be a a TFIOS Fan Ambassador. Getting the first creative bundle here’s the first fan designs I made. Feel free to share and download.

Wanna be a TFIOS fan Ambassador? Go to this link and register. http://thefaultinourstarsmovie.com/#faultfanatics


#FaultFanaticsTFIOS_AssetPack_Background_1 TFIOS_AssetPack_Backgr6ound_2